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    copyright status?

      Is there any way to get or set the copyright status metadata?

      In catalog:findPhotos(), you can use "copyrightState" as a criterion for matching metadata, but I haven't been able to get or set it from the photo metadata using any of the following:

      photo:setRawMetadata("copyrightState", value)

      I also tried "copyrightStatus". Is it simply not available to a plugin? "copyright", "rightsUsageTerms", and "copyrightInfoUrl" are all available.

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          The docs for photo:getFormattedMetadata() state the the following keys are valid from 1.3 on:

          # copyright
          # rightsUsageTerms
          # copyrightInfoUrl

          I assume you want to get an array of LrPhoto from the catalog using some search criteria, and then iterative through that picking off metadata you are interested. Is this not working?