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    [Windows, possibly bug report] LR2 spawns non-terminating cmd.exe processes

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      I noticed that my system accumulates cmd.exe processes when external 'apps' other than executables (.exe) are called using the LrShell.openFilesInApp API method.

      For example:

      import 'LrShell'.openFilesInApp({ 'abc', 'def' }, '/temp/dummy.vbs')

      where dummy.vbs is an empty (or non-empty but also terminating) script. Same with .cmd (Windows batch file) or .html (document opened in browser). The files are successfully handled by their default handlers.

      I traced a LR instance using Sysinternals Process Monitor. This is the result:

      Operation: Process Create
      Result: SUCCESS
      Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe
      Command line: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe" /k /temp/dummy.vbs abc def

      The last line reveals that the call is handed to cmd.exe. And that cmd.exe is called with the /k switch. Which is: do not terminate after execution.

      Seems like the /k switch is responsible for the stuck processes. Is this forum the right place to contact a LR developer to have a look at the issue?

      Environment is Win XP SP3, LR 2.1.