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    Disabling live preview by the user

      As live preview inside LR takes some time to reload everytime one of web engine feature is changed, is it possible to create an option in the Engine UI itself to enable or disable live preview?

      If the user knows what feature he's changing and would prefer not to wait for live preview to reload, they can just disable this live preview feature themself.
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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
          Maybe add a conditional checkbox that removes the live_update.js section? <br /> <br />["nonCSS.live"]=true, <br /> <br />in galleryInfo.lrweb model section. <br /> <br />f:checkbox_row { <br /> title = "Live Update", <br /> bindingValue = "nonCSS.live", <br /> }, <br /> <br />Somewhere in the views, like Site Info or whereever. <br /> <br />Then in the HTML <br /><% if model.nonCSS.live then %> <br />.... Live update code here <br /><% else %><% end %> <br /> <br />Of course if you uncheck the live update code, then the checkbox may do nothing after that, as updating has been disabled and requires a manual reload. <br /> <br />If you're not using Live Update, then you that might be the reason for the slow loading.
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            Cheers Sean. Thanks for the idea!