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    Support for <file> tag in XSLT to create dynamic pages  - Gallery type 'Flash'

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      Based on my understanding, when you export, LR Web engine looks for transformer.xslt by default if the gallery type is HTML. It allows to use <file name="outputfilename.html"> tag in this transformer.xslt to create new files.<br /><br />But to my knowledge I don't see the above defaults working if the gallerytype is Flash. Why? I don't understand why LR is restricting the Flash based galleries from creating dynamic output files via XSLT.<br /><br />I tried setting xmlTransformer file name to transformer.xslt in galleryInfo.lrweb and leaving xmlPath to blank but this doesn't seem to work. If I give some dummy XML name, it creates the xml in that name, but ignores creating new files I mentioned in the <file> tag in xslt.<br /><br />Can someone please explain if there are any alternates or if possibly fixed in the next release ?