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    page includes in html templates

      I see <% include file="header.html" %> in html template working for 'HTML' gallery type web engines. <br /> <br />But, it doesn't work if the gallery type is 'Flash'. It seems the only supported directive includes are %variablename% format. <br /> <br />Why LR is restricting lots of features for Flash based galleries? Is this by design or restricted for some other reasons or a bug? <br /> <br />I wish if there is some flag somewhere that can be turned on so that Flash gallery type will have all the features of html. Currently I don't think it'll encourage any developer to write/adapt flash based web plugin for LR. <br /> <br />Chris
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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
          That wouldn't explain how SlideShowPro works then Chris, would it?

          All the include does is put the text from the linked file into the current file. That's it. It's there to save repetition in coding the HTML pages in the gallery.
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            Sean, Thanks for your reply. SlideShowPro is no different. Please check any of the html pages in the SlideShowPro plugin. It doesn't use <% %> directives. Only %var% is used. <br /> <br />Yes, I'm aware of what include does. That's exactly the reason why I need it in Flash gallery type. Keep the header and footer outside the template for easy user editing. <br /> <br />To explain the issue in easier terms, lua coding is allowed in the template files only if you set gallery type as 'Html'. If you change it to 'Flash', it won't work. <br /> <br />Even simpler, <br />You can use <% %> only in html gallery types. <br /> <br />It's not just 'include'. If <% ... %> is allowed for Flash gallery type, you can do a lot of lua scripting in your html templates. All spoiled by LR limitation :-)
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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
              I get ya.
              The Flash lua type currently only works with the supplied swf.

              I've coded a few Flash galleries as HTML, with the caveat that they don't preview under Lightroom PC, because of the way Internet Explorer handles other plugins as a plugin itself (i.e. it doesn't).

              For that reason, I haven't published them yet. I have feature requests in about this, but I don't suspect we'll see anything before V3.0
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                You've raised my hope Sean! Hope to see them working in 3.0. Is this forum only user to user or do LR dev guys reads these posted issues?

                If there is any other proper channel to report bugs or request for features to the dev team, please let me know.
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                  SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
                  Both Eric and Andy have been through here. Andy deals with Web, whereas Eric is more Export (currently). I've no idea what is planned, but the more developers that request particular features, the more likely it it.

                  Todd seems to be mixing Lua and XSLT to get SSP working. I've only peeked at how he's doing it, but it's been over a year since I did an XSLT gallery. I was overjoyed to switch to Lua in truth.