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    Guidance on approach to panorama web gallery

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      Looking for advice on my approach to making a web gallery to view panorama images. I'd like the gallery to have similar features to the Zoomify export from Photoshop, i.e. the ability to zoom in/out and drag the image around the window a la Google Maps.

      I can handle the web-related things and Lua-related things but I'm wondering if the web gallery part of the SDK will let me intervene in the step where image files are generated. This is because I need to invoke an external tool to generate the tiles necessary for the zooming/dragging feature. Ideally I'd use LR to generate the tiles but I don't think that's possible (please correct me if I'm wrong).

      If not, is there any reason (other than a lack of live preview ability) that I could not do this as an export plug-in?

      Thanks for any pointers.

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
          I'm sure you could do it via export plugin.

          You could also just generate the images using a custom gallery and interface using your own tools.
          I've built XML based flash Galleries from Lightroom, using XML generated by the program, so it's pretty versatile.
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            There isn't any way in 2.0 to intercept the JPEG file generation. I imagine what you'd like is a pyramid of JPEGs, which you ought to be able to accomplish via the export SDK.

            _ Andy
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              Thanks, Andy. Deeper reading of the SDK doc brought me to the same conclusion. I'll use ImageMagick's convert since it has an option to generate tiles. At this point, I considered the LR web gallery approach so that one can preview the thumbs page and make changes there but then there would be an external post-processing step after generating that in order to create the tiles. This seems clunky though so I'll probably have a one-stop Perl script that does all of it (well, no interactive preview :-) ). Which is a bummer because I would have liked to have it integrated somehow into LR.

              If you're taking enhancement requests for the SDK, I'd like to have some way to achieve what I want to do. Whatever form this takes is up to you although I'm willing to bounce technical approaches back and forth with you if you do end up considering it.

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                Just thinking out loud here to provoke other thought.

                Do you need a 'static' solution? If not, and if flash can display a portion of an image, scaling it as necessary -- I don't know whether it can but I would bet so -- it seems to me you could write one flash 'swf' that could display anything. I'll bet tens if not hundreds have already been written.

                Hmmm ... maybe you want to take the tiling approach to improve down load performance, by down loading only the tile(s) the user wants to see, ala, Google maps and the like?? If the panorama is large -- duh, panorama=large pretty much -- it could take a bit to load into the flash player, but maybe all you have to do is start with displaying a 'thumbnail' and load the biggie in the background while the user pick their nose, er, ... picks the image they want to see more of.
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                  I definitely want a tiling approach to speed performance. And I almost always prefer a JavaScript approach over a Flash approach. That said, I'd be fine using the Zoomify export that comes with Photoshop CS3 but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to resize its window to the width of the browser. It's a shame to try to look at a panorama on a 1680-wide screen and only have half the screen actually showing any image. Seems like an obvious requirement to me.

                  I figured that since the advent of Google Maps, there would be tons of JavaScript libraries around to do what I want to do. In the end, I only found two. One actually uses Google Maps to navigate the image but I bailed on it for a couple of reasons. The other seems workable but I haven't tested it on multiple browsers since I'm trying to get the panoramas themselves done first. That has taken way longer than expected because of what seems to be some issues with LR's ability to deal with large images. Although LR2 has enhancements to let it import much larger images than LR1, it's basically unusable for me. But I'm getting OT. If someone wants to pursue that, I can start another thread. Anyway, I'm starting over and using LR to send the initial images to Photoshop to stitch together and now I'm going to do all image work on the panoramas in Photoshop in order to get things done. Bummer.

                  I'll post progress here when I have the panoramas up on my site.

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                    Hi, Andy.

                    You mention a pyramid of JPEGs. After looking through the SDK doc for export plug-ins, I don't see a way to generate a pyramid of tiles of those JPEGs. My understanding is that I'll need to have LR generate the JPEG and then shell out to an app that does tiling. Does this sound correct or do you think tiling within LR is achievable?