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    Language codes for new languages in 2.3

    escouten Adobe Employee
      The Lightroom SDK guide lists the language codes for TranslatedStrings.txt files on pages 100 (for web gallery plug-ins) and page 132 (for all other plug-ins). The documentation describes four language codes, but with version 2.3, we're adding several more supported langauges. If you want to localize your plug-in into the new languages, here is an updated list of language codes you can use:

      * de: German
      * en: English
      * es: Spanish
      * fr: French
      * it: Italian
      * ja: Japanese
      * ko: Korean
      * nl: Dutch
      * pt: Portuguese
      * sv: Swedish
      * zh_cn: Chinese (China)
      * zh_tw: Chinese (Taiwan)