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    SDK Feature Request - Import

      I'd like the following feature to be added to the Lightroom SDK:

      Make the AutoImport dialog more like the export one and allow me to write presets for it. The plugin would get called back when the user starts and stops AutoImport. If you do it you should take the current download/move path stuff and make that a Lightroom preset as other AutoImport plugins might not need it. My plugin can then create a preset with its config options that the user can select/config.

      Ideally my plugin would be able to register a callback for any import event whilst AutoImport is active i.e. osascript "open" event. This should allow me to do custom pre/post import actions. To make this really useful I'd also like the ability to set the target photo. As currently I have to simulate a right arrow keypress.

      If all thats too hard .... just give me all access to all the necessary GUI components, the list of develop presents and the functions to be able to apply them ... oh and whatever happens I want the targetPhoto method.

      Heres hoping