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    [Web] Defaulting Site title with collection title?

      In my Web engine plugin I would like to set the site title to the name of the collection that will be exported.
      Is this possible in any way?

      In the Web module you can see the "path" including the collection name in the film strip (e.g. "Collections / Flower macros / 5 photos"), so in the Web module this collection name ("Flower macros") is available somehow to LR. But is it accessible in some way in the web engine???
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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
          While all the perImage settings from rename are available, I can't see where you can access the collection name.
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            DawMatt Level 3
            As I understand it, all of the SDK components (export plugins, webengines, etc) receive an array of photos rather than a collection. I'd be surprised if you can access the collection name programmatically.

            If you think about it from the SDK developer's point of view, a photo can exist in multiple collections including smart collections that are really just saved searches. When you click on a collection the UI then selects one or more of the photos in that collection but that doesn't really select the collection per se. The UI knows what the current collection is but I can see that it would be harder for the SDK developers to expose temporary UI settings to plugin developers than it would be to expose permanent details stored in the catalog.

            The SDK is still evolving but I wouldn't be surprised if they focus more on expanding the breadth of functionality (i.e. support for new types of plugins) than depth (e.g. adding collection info to attributes available in webengines) in the short term. But who knows, we may get lucky!

            My two cents worth.
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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
              Hi Matt,
              It'd be nice to have a definitive list of what can be accessed in Per Image settings. Currently you can cheat it a little by creating a Text Template and then adding all the tokens you want codes for and then viewing the saved preset text file for the exact wording like com.adode.title etc.

              Unfortunately Collections are not one of the accessible items.

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                DawMatt Level 3
                Hi Sean,

                That template trick does highlight some of the options but not all of them. There is some information in the SDK doco but even that is incomplete and/or inaccurate.

                I've been building a a plugin to provide a Library module metadata tagset - a hybrid of Default and Location - that suits my workflow. Its not rocket science but on the way I've found a lot of the tokens you can use here and I believe the same apply to the Web module. I'll be happy to share them once I finish sorting the wheat from the chaff.

                Unfortunately this doesn't help Wouter. Collections aren't an available option as far as I can tell, though keywords are so maybe someone can use that to work around the issue?

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                  WoutervdW Level 1
                  Hi Matt (and others),

                  Thanks for trying to found something useful for me (and others) on this. Using keywords or custom metadata might be a short term solution, but I would rather use the build-in strength of Lightroom, like the ability to have one photo in multiple collections.

                  An overview of all tokens/information that is available for plugin developers would be very helpful indeed, so please Matt, do share them once you're ready.

                  And I would strongly urge the Lightroom (SDK) developers to make more information from the Lr data available to plugin developers and to document this properly!
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                    DawMatt Level 3
                    Hi Wouter,

                    From what I've read web engines use exactly the same field names as Metadata tagsets to retrieve their data. So the best doco I can share right now is the Metadata tagset plugin I released here: http://thephotogeek.com/simple-metadata-entry-tagset-plugin-lr2/ .

                    The "LR: All" tagset mimics the "All" Metadata tagset that is built into LR2 (bottom right hand panel in the Library Module). If the values you are looking for show up in the Metadata panel, look at the code in my plugin and you can find its identity.