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    Hidden console window on WinXP for LrTasks.execute?

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      I'm shelling out to an external app using LrTasks.execute. It runs and runs correctly but a console window never appears. Can someone confirm that this is expected behavior?

      The external app takes a while to run and, for debugging purposes, I'd like to be able to watch its output. I tried launching a subshell "cmd.exe /k" to force the window to stay open when the app completes but because the parent cmd.exe doesn't have a window, the child doesn't create one.

      If this is all expected behavior then I request a new feature where a plug-in developer can choose to display the external app's window. It'd also be nice to choose if the shell automatically closes when the command is done (i.e. Lr lets me choose how it spawns cmd.exe: with /c or /k) but that's not important since I can work around it with a subshell.

      And while I'm making a xmas list, I'd love some way to read from the external app's stdout and stderr streams. I might be able to supply a user with better error messages using this for instance. I can work around this by redirecting the app's output to a file and then reading that in after execute returns but it's cumbersome.