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    LrView: static_text like web links?

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      In Plugin Manager, if info.lua provides a LrPluginInfoUrl property, there is a line titled "Website" with a blue clickable web link.

      Something I'd like to show up in a custom dialog as well. I really cannot figure out how to do these kind of links. The documentation says there is no user interaction for static_text. Did not find any other hints on how to create these kind of web links.(A push button is no option.)

      Any ideas?

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          escouten Adobe Employee
          The Plug-in Manager uses a different control (not static_text) that isn't available in the SDK. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do what you're seeking in the SDK at the moment.

          The closest alternative is to use push_button.
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            DawMatt Level 3
            Hi Herb,

            This code snippet emulates the LrPluginInfoUrl effect:

            f:static_text {
            title = 'Web Site:',
            size = 'small',

            f:static_text {
            title = 'http://thephotogeek.com/',
            size = 'small',
            mouse_down = function()
            local LrHttp = import 'LrHttp'
            text_color = import 'LrColor'( 0, 0, 1 ),

            As Eric noted this is not documented in the SDK, but I've successfully used it in menu options implemented as part of an export plugin.

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              :-) Thanks, Matt. That's what I have been looking for.

              In general, I don't like the idea of using undocumented features too much. (How did you figure that out, btw.?) But in this case, the worst case should be that the mouse event would not be processed, so I think it's okay to set.