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    Advice for creating own html web gallery?

      I appreciate some hints how to tackle the following topic: I want to create with LR a simple html-gallery very similiar to the existing default-gallery but with less options and most importantly - the html should already include navigation and header. Example is giving here:

      LR should prepare the thumbnails and the larger files. Variable could be the size of the thumbnails (in certain limits) and the number of rows in this grid. The size of the larger files could be selectable and the user should be able to define, which meta-date (or exif) should be presented. All colors and text-styles will be controlled by a stylesheet, so no need to include them into the user-options.

      I thought, I could just exchange the template-html - but I do not know exactly where! I downloaded the SDK and well, I am a confused by so many options.

      May be somebody could give me some advice how to start or what to read?

      Many thanks in advance for your advice,

      best regards, Dirk
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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
          The SDK is reasonably clear, where are you having problems?

          I have a basic intro on Lightroom-News.com. but if you are simply writing standard code, you just need to use AddGridPages for the main gallery page and AddPhotoPages for the large image in the mainifest.
          Then add the grid, thumbnails and pagination code to the main page. If you are using a set look everytime, then there isn't even a need to have anything in the panels.