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    LrBinding and key comparison

      I'm completely new to lua and I have a plugin I need to write, I was hoping for some good websites with excellent documentation. I've been looking through the sample plugins and the api docs that came with the sdk and I've been doing ok, however, I'd like to expand a bit.

      Preface: I'm horrible at conveying my thoughts, most of the time. I feel this is one of those moments. Proceed with caution.

      I'm currently trying to have a nested conditional view that if I choose the first item in a popup_menu a row will appear and if I choose the second, a completely different row appears. Each of the new rows contain another popup_menu that have a couple selections and I need a certain row to appear based on the selected values of first and second rows.

      As I write this, I'm thinking I can create an observer, but I feel it's not the best way to do it. The first dropdown only has 2 options, the second can potentially have many and it just needs an item selected. What needs to be displayed once that second dropdown has a value is either a bunch of editable fields or static texts, dependent on the initial dropdown.

      Thanks! Hope I didn't blow your mind.