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    Confused: Simple Export Plugin for several formats and sizes

      Hi all,

      I'm a bit confused about the Lightroom SDK structure - and the tiny documentation isn't helpfully at all...

      I want to create a plug-in which exports several versions of each selected image (JPEGs in original size, thumbnails, etc.), TIFF-Versions, a copy of the Master-Image, etc to a specific directory.

      I don't really know where to start - I explored the ftp sample plugin but but I can't find a hint where to tell Lightroom which different versions it should export.

      Could anyone help me getting started? Is there anywhere additional documentation - beside the Manual and the API reference?

      Thanks in advance...

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          (Kamal_Sharif) Level 1
          Hello Jonas;
          I had a similar need and as far as I can tell, you can have lightroom export only one version of the image, but you can use that image create other versions. For example, I used imagemagic to create two versions of the original image scaled differently, copied them to a specific directory and then re-directed the exported image to another directory.
          You may be able to kick off different export sessions with loading different settings(one for tiff, one for different sizes, but I have not done that, and others may be able to give some insight).
          I think the easiest way is to use an external tool to generated the different sizes/formats for you and Lightroom only exports one of them, probably the one that is hardest(or needs more manual tuning) with external tools.