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    AIR and FLEX - conection to a database

      Hi to all of you,
      I have just started to work with Flex. I'm working for a project that, by using web services, connects to a Sybase database. The web services are created using Java, Hibernate, and Apache Tomcat server. The advantage of this flex project would be that, after it is finished, to be converted to an AIR project (totally offline) that connects to a local database. But this connection (to the local database) must not be done with web services. As far as I have read the connection can be made only to a SQLite database through PHP or other server side script.Is there any other way to do this so I could use the implementation from the web services and the database used for the Flex (online) project.

      I'm 80% sure that I have to re-implement all all the connection and interaction with the database, but I wanted to ask you guys to be sure. Maybe someone can offer me a brilliant idea :)