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    Getting a SVG file out of Photoshop

      Ok. You might think I'm crazy on this. I'm working on a flash application that reads in graphical elements based on SVG. That works great for InDesign and Illustrator files because both can save out as SVG format. However, I'm finding that most of the files that I need to import and use in this application have Photoshop as the starting point or a PSD file. I'd like to be able to use these PSD files in addition to the InDesign/Illustrator ones without having to recreate by hand. So, does anyone know of a way to get a PSD file into the SVG format. Looking at all PSD filetype info, it seems like most of the same information is recorded, so I'm sure it would be doable. I haven't been able to locate anyone who knows the answer.

      Thanks for any help or insight you can offer on this!