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    Unbearable Delays due to Includes

    DWQues Level 1
      Dreamweavers Design view renders include content beautifully. I love it.

      Unfortunately every time I make the smallest change - even adding a single letter to the page, Dreamweaver freezes up for a solid 20 seconds while it goes and retrieves (again) all the include files.

      This is not necessary at all. I understand why it does it (it wants to make sure the page accurately reflects any changes you've made), but 99% of my changes have zero effect on the includes.

      Is there a way to disable this act which DW incessantly performs anytime I do anything in design view? We have several include files serving up header, footer, navigation, and sidebars. I need them present on the page to give the page proper "Design View" structure. But a 20 second freeze every 10 seconds is ridiculous.

      Please don't reply to this post by saying to turn off Design view. It does not address the purpose of this topic. The premise is that we want to use Design view without dreamweaver constantly reloading all the include data.

      Is there a setting for this? Or a place where I can contact Adobe directly and make the request?