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    FB2 Install Problem Issues

      I have been trying to install FB2 on a WinXP box for a week. Tried contacting customer support and all I got was try downloading again. Did that 5x with no luck. Was also told to call in to customer support and all I got ever were disconnections and never ending hold queue. Thanks alot Russel Tanag, customer service rep

      So, I scanned all the install forum posts for FB2 until I found one posted on 5/30/06 by eanticev that actually solved my problem. Thank you, and please see if you can get a job at Adobe they could use your knowledge.

      And to top it off a flex builder developer Chris Agruss replied on 6/6 that he would keep this fix in mind while working on the installer. Well Chris this is 09/29 and the issue still exists.

      Well anyhoo checkout the post on 5/30 for the workaround and by the way the post doesn't mention this, but, you will need to apply this workaround for the standalone installer and oh yeah FDS also has this issue.

      Adobe, please lets get this fixed, or your going to loose alot of sales.