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    cannot launch browser

      I have been using Adobe PSA edition 3.2 for about a month. After downloading several files of pictures, photos from my digital camera, and also scanning over 300 pictures on my scanner; I can no longer reach these
      photos because it says they are missing files. I was up until 3:00am this morning reading forums and discovered this is a common problem with this software. Luckily I can retreived most of my pictures, although it will take hours not to mention the hours lost of scanning photos since I did not save them to a file (I don't recall this program telling me to save them to a file before downloading, or they are essentially useless) My major headache right now is that when I go to send them, or acquire help it says that it can't do it because it cannot launch my browser?? What does this mean, I am connected to the internet, as I am able to access it in other ways. These problems all started occurring after downloading some pictures off a CD from my sister (who btw uses Windows Photoshop). Now I cannot access any of the previous pictures that were in my catalog. I am very frustrated!!!!!
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          Hi Karla,

          Do you still want help with this? You wrote in another post that you were
          uninstalling the software.

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            I did uninstall the program this morning and then downloaded it again off their website. Adobe support said this could help in locating my missing files. However it didn't do any good. So I copied most of my files that were found in the recycling bin. I was unable to find my scanned photos (over 200 of them). ADobe support said that when I scanned them, the program should have sent them to a file, but unfortunately didn't (my loss, I guess). Anyway, except for spending two days of scanning, I shouldn't be out anything, except for an important lesson: If it costs nothing, that is probably what it is worth!!

            I would like to solve the issue of the browser unable to launch. Since this happened at the same time that all my files came up missing; maybe one is linked to the other???? Who knows...maybe you, I hope! Thanks in advance for your consideration. Adios
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              Hi Karla,

              You'll have to pardon the timing of my posts. I'm currently doing a semester
              at a university in Germany... so my clock is a little "off".

              If I understand you correctly, this started when you pulled images off the
              CD from your sister right? Okay... well, I also use Photoshop. I use CS2 and
              hopefully when I get home, CS3 ;)

              More to the point, it shouldn't matter. None of that should matter.

              If I haven't said this to you before, all PSASE is, is like having a little
              filing system that shows you resizable thumbnails using an MS Access like
              engine. It does have REALLY basic editing features but frankly, I would NOT
              use it for that.

              Now... to the lost images problem. I assume that you did a search using the
              Windows search feature and that is how you know that the scanned images
              aren't there. Here is a question... when you scanned the images... did it
              not prompt you to save somewhere? This is actually a function of the scanner
              driver not PSASE.

              For example, PSA just engages the scanner driver to start things moving and
              then catalogues wherever the the scanner drops the image... the scanner
              driver then passes the baton back to PSA and PSA is back in the driver seat.
              Same sort of thing SHOULD occur with email.

              What I found with email, is that it works with the default client, but
              sometimes I have to reinstall the client. For some reason, they don't always
              like to "shake hands".

              For file attachments, what happens if you just use your usual email client?

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                Excuse me for not getting right back, between looking for files and copying the ones that I have found, my time has been limited. I can say that I am lucky because I happened to make a CD of our family vacation we took last month to Black Hills, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons and gave it to my sister, otherwise these photos would have been lost. When I downloaded these off my camera it should have been putting them into a folder under ADOBE documents, which I thought they were, but when I opened the folder, it was empty. Same as my scanned photos, although the scanner didn't ask me whether I wanted to save to a folder, there was a folder under Adobe documents which was labeled "scanned photos" but this was also empty. All the folders under ADOBE were empty. So apparently maybe I didn't have the correct default setting? I did scan a few pictures when I discovered all this, and they were saved (using the same scanning routine as before) I don't use email attachments on this computer, it isn't set up for email, so I don't know what happens when I would do that.

                Well I hope that may clear a few things up. I guess I should have been more prepared and backed all my files (except I really thought they were being saved at the time) I have switched over to Microsoft Digital Image 2006, it seems more user friendly and much more editting options. Seems to be a little more reliable too, however everything I put in this program is being copied to a CD beforehand. Thanks for your reply, good luck in your studies, Germany, it has to be lovely. If you see any of my fellow native Kunnen's (u with an umlaut) tell them hello from a Kuennen. Adios
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                  Not a problem Karla,

                  Not a problem... For what it's worth, I think the default setting would have
                  been My Pictures. Does that make any sense?

                  In any case, it sounds like the MS product is doing the trick for you. Good