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    Streaming SVG over SSL hangs

      Hi all,

      I've come across a problem when streaming SVG to a browser using

      When using plain http it works fine, but if the server is configured
      to use https, the browser receives no response to the request. It
      appears to happen only with the Adobe plugin, in Opera and Firefox
      the SVG is returned.

      The SVG is displayed using an tag, the streaming is carried
      out by generating a byte array and it is served through a struts

      This hanging effect is seen in both Websphere (6.1) and Tomcat (5.*)

      (If the embed is modified to reference an SVG file on hard disk
      rather than a byte stream then this works fine).

      Has anyone seen this effect before, or have any tips on how to
      resolve the issue?

      Grateful as ever for any help,