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    Moving photos w/tags from XPpc to Vista pc using the free starter edition

      I have a pc with XP (SP2) with Album 2.0 on which I have a few hundred photos organized with tags and some editing .... many hours of "tagging" invested by me. I just bought a new pc with Vista Home Premium. All I really want to do is be able to import all the exising photos WITH their tags, do very rudimentary editing - primarily redeye reduction, a bit of contrast change occasionally - and be able to add new photos, locate, view, print (home or photo kiosks) and send via email my photos (Outlook 2007) to others. I do NOT want to have spend hours re-tagging all my existing photos if I don't have to do so. From perusing your forum(s) it seems that may be a very complicated procedure for a non-expert user (e.g. I don't know anything about "Access" and don't want to take time to learn).

      If I can do what I want (import existing photos into the free starter program (3.2?)) and continue to use that program for redeye reduction and email as well as organize using tags - that would be great. BUT - seems very complicated to me. Perhaps I should use some other free program that will be supported for a long time, like Picassa, and bite the bullet of spending many hours "re-tagging and perhaps re-editing?? It's always a guess as to how long progrmas will be supported, and both Google and Adobe appear as though they'll be around. But any advice will be welcome. I wouldn't be considering Starter except I'm used to to Album 2.0, and have all those hundreds of photos already "tagged" and used redeye reduction on many of them (and don't know whether Picassa or any other program would recognize the exisiting tags and/or the redeye reduction and other editing I did).

      Thanks for any help - hopefully in as non-techie language as possible.