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    Getting Photos from camera

      I am using Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 with Canon A700

      Why are some files not displayed when getting photos from my camera? I know there are 113 files, but it says 73 selected. I did not select any, but each one displayed has a tick displayed against it. I would like to see all the files!

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          There are few possibilities

          1. If you have already downloaded few photos then those files are detected as duplicate and are hidden in Photo Downloader.
          2. By default, audio files are not shown in Photos Downloader. You can choose to view audio files from the toolbar in Photo Downloader.
          3. If there are few files formats which are not supported by SE (such as raw files) then those files won't be shown.
          4. if you have manually copied few files onto cameras then those might not be visible over PC Connection.

          Have you tried taking out card from camera and using card reader to connect card to PC? How many files are shown?

          Please let us know your observations.

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            As far as I know, none of the files had been previously downloaded. To download them all from the camera, first using Widows explorer (which showed them all!), I copied the files to the target folder. Then using PSE, I Got Photos from Files and Folders. I dont know why it wouldnt work directly from camera using PSE. There were no audio files or files copied to the camera. Just photos taken in the normal way.

            I was copying files to an empty folder - presumeably even if there were some photos previously downloaded elsewhere on my hard drive, it would copy them all to the new folder?
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              I wonder if it might be an idea to run a test to ensure what is
              happening is what we think is running. Take about 10-20 pictures while
              sitting at the computer... Then carry out your transfer according to
              what you've seen from Sachin Jain.

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                On my mom's Kodak, I have had images saved as Favorites not be recognized or download. I don't recall how to capture them as JPEGS. This might help another user to give you that final information needed. I use a Panasonic LUMIX FZ5, so Canon is not my thing. Try going to Windows Explorer and the photo card should appear as a disk drive. Open the drive folder and there will be one to three folders. The photos should all be there.
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                  I have photoshop 3.2 and also Photoshow that is used with Walgreens to send pictures for printing. When I attach my camera, adobe automatically comes up for download every time and I cannot get any pictures over to the Walgreens program. How do I stop the automatic selection of programs?
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                    Instructions here: