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    PSE unable to create thumbnails after Album Starter removed

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      My sister accepted the upgrade to Adobe Reader 8.0 and said Photoshop Album Starter was automatically loaded on her computer with that upgrade. When she had difficulty working with it, we found some instructions for unloading it, which she did. However, then her problems "really" began. Several pictures on her Desktop were renamed with the PDF file extension, and their thumbnails were totally black. Her "Pix" folder on her Desktop and all the pictures she had in it, plus other pictures stored on her Desktop, disappeared into her Recycle Bin. I restored these files and the folder back to her Desktop, but many of these also had the black thumbnails, or black thumbnails with a thin stripe of colors mixed in with the black across the top. We could still open the pictures, which was a blessing, at least.

      However, things became worse as we discovered that ALL new files created with Photoshop Elements (she has both 3.0 and 1.0 and both responded the same way) will no longer create thumbnails. I opened one of the corrupted-thumbnail photos and copied the layer into a new Photoshop Elements document and saved the file with a new filename and a PSD extension thinking that would give us back a file with a thumbnail. Wrong. Still got a black thumbnail. Tried saving as a JPG; still no go. I then selected New and created a totally new document. Same result; no thumbnail. So I created new documents in her Corel Painter IX and Microsoft Paint to see if this was just an "Adobe" thing, and these other programs had no problem creating normal thumbnails with saved documents. So, it's obviously just an Adobe thing.

      My only thought at this point is that unloading Adobe Album also deleted or corrupted a shared Adobe file that allows Adobe products to create thumbnails. I suggested that she try reloading her Photoshop Elements programs to see if that brings back the ability to create thumbnails.

      Sorry for the long background, but does anyone out there know how to get Photoshop Elements to start creating thumbnails again after getting rid of Album? I'd be ever so grateful if you could help us out!

      Marilyn Lee