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      I cannot get Photoshop Starter Album to send photos to a Tektronic color printer in color format. The printer keeps spitting out black and white. I have checked the printer settings and other programs print in color, why not this program? Is there a set-up thing I need to change?
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          Good question Winnie,

          From my experimentation, Starter Album has some printing defects that are not in the pay for program (Photoshop Elements). I can't speak to the Tektronic printer specifically, but there are very few settings or options in Album Starter so I suspect you haven't missed anything.

          You could try to download the trial of Elements and see if you continue to experience the same issue.

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            Hey Winnie,

            There is just one place in Starter Edition where there is a setting for selecting whether you want to print in black and white or color.

            -Go to File>Print.
            -Click on "Continue".
            -Select the printer that you need to use.
            -Click on "Prefererences".
            -Go to the Color tab.
            -Select the radio button for "Print in color".
            -Click on OK.