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    Burning Photos to CD

      When I tried burning a certain group of photos from Photoshop to CD I was prevented by a message indicating that the files could not be reconnected to their source files on my computer. I usually upload my camera memory card directly to my hard drive (copies automatically store in Photoshop)and burn to CD for print from the hard drive. But this particular group of photos was uploaded to Photoshop first (without automatic copying to my Pictures folder in the hard drive) which prevented me from copying them and left me trying to burn to CD from Photoshop. This was unsuccessful for the above reason. Suggestions? I hope I have not lost these photos or remain unable to burn or print them.

      Thank you, Carl.
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          Hi Carl,
          When you bring images into Organizer directly by connecting your camera/ card to system only the thumbnails of the actual file are shown in organizer while the actual file remain on the camera/ card.

          While importing from camera/ card it's good to use Adobe Photo Downloader (APD) present with PSE. APD copies files to hard disk from camera/card and brings it to Organizer.

          For the above case of disconnected file, connect your camera/ card to your system and than try burning file.
          In case, you've removed data from camera/ card, try searching files using the file's name on hard disk and then use the reconnect option present in "File" menu to reconnect the file.

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            Thank you for your response. Adobe seems unable to locate the "source files" anywhere on my computer. It indicates that the thumbnails cannot be reconnected with their original files. The camera card has since been reformatted and I'm not sure if the photo files were properly downloaded from the card to the computer. Is there any way to burn or print the images I see on Photoshop?

            Thank you -Carl
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              I think it might be an idea to go through this issue in stages. My first
              concern is that you find the images... in other words make sure that
              they are still there... I would do a quick search with Windows Explorer
              to find one or two to get things started.

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                As was mentioned earlier, the original 'source files' for the thumbnails appearing in Photoshop cannot be located on my computer. If there is someway to run a deeper search that I'm unfamiliar with then please do indicate and I will give it a try.

                Thank you, Carl.
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                  If the card has been reformatted, I have bad news for you then. The
                  images are gone. The only way to get them is take them to a place that
                  can capture ghost images. These are like memories of the memory... sort
                  of like paper. If you write on a piece of paper the paper under it also
                  shows an impression of what you wrote.

                  Hope that helps.

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                    hi i have adobe photoshop starter edition and want to copy pictures to CD. im fairly new and havent got a single clue how to do it. can someone help???
                    Nichola :)
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                      Hi Nichola,

                      Actually I would not recommend this software for that. There are many
                      inexpensive and some free products on the market to do that sort of
                      thing. I personally use something called Burning Studio, from Ashampoo,
                      but others use Roxio and still others use other software.

                      Don't know if that helps, but maybe it will get you started.

                      What I like about this software is that it provides a nice quick way of
                      cataloging images.

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                        I have created some slide shows with music on my Photoshop Elements 5 but have not been able to burn them to a CD. I read it has to be a VCD but can't find such a thing, and if I do find a VCD and abe to finally burn it successfully, will I be able to play back on a DVD or CD player to a TV? This has been a very frustrating experience. Any help?

                        Jay Harding
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                          I have created some slide shows with music on Photoshop Elements 5, but not been able to burn them to a CD. I read that it must be a VCD but have never heard of such a thing or can I find them anywhere. Even if I do, and can finally burn successfully, will I be able to play them back on a CD or DVD player to a TV? This has been a frustrating experience. Any suggestions?
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                            Hi Jay,

                            I think you want to post to the Photoshop Elements technical section.
                            This forum is for the starter edition.

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                              Regarding Nichola's message above (I wanted to respond to that one specifically, but your software forces me to the end of the string of messages):

                              You told Nichola NOT to use Photoshop Album 3.2 to download photos to a CD? So, why is that feature so prominently displayed? I clicked on the "Create a CD" and got to the point in the PSE software where it showed me how much of the CD I would be taking up to create a CD of the 20 or so images I wanted. It was only 2-3% of the CD-- which is a waste of a CD-R so I abandoned that effort.

                              But, if you don't recommend it -- why is it so prominently there?

                              I have two other issues -- I believe Photoshop Album SE downloaded to my computer with a download of Adobe Reader ; I'm sure I did not "ask" for it. But now -- all my dig. camera uploads automatically load to PSE, and believe me I had a heck of a time finding them when needed yesterday. They were so "drilled down" that using Windows Explorer was of no use. Once I found the files, after 45 min or so(!) I did like the fact that it allowed me -- one by one- to change the files from a index #, which I couldn't search for, because I did not know what the numbers were, to naming each picture with an actual word or two.

                              My second issue is that there seems to be no "Introduction and Getting Started" directions on the software itself. When using the Help button, you are directed to the utterly cluttered and confusing Adobe website. Took me a long time to find this forum-- esp. to ask the question about "How do I easily make a CD of my photos to take to a Camera Printing place (Walgreens)".

                              Very confusing presentation -- as if Adobe did not really want you to use their Photoshop Al. SE?

                              Thank you for your responses and reactions.
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                                I am currently using PhotoShop Elements 5 and I cannot seem to be able to create CDs from the program. I have reviewed the user instructions and there isn't a section detailing how to create simple CDs with selected photos. Have I missed something or do I need to purchase a plug-in?