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    Adding photos to computer

      I am using Windows XP, Album Starter Edition 3.2, and my iphone. When I connect it to my computer it automatically imports my photos. After importing them I also have the option of deleting them which I normally do. Everytime I take more images they are named IMG_001, 2, 3, etc. The very next time I try to load them to my computer it tells me they are duplicate images. I don't know of a way to change the name of the pic on the iphone itself so is there any way that Photoshop can somehow name the pic using time and date or rename it somehow when its importing so I can avoid this problem? I didn't catch on at first so when that duplicate message popped up, I realized I was deleting my old pictures.
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          Is there a way for your phone to continue image sequencing? I'm not sure
          why, I thought is was actually PSA... but in my case the images might
          have the same names, but go into a folder based on the date they were
          uploaded. Perhaps the phone has the option to create a new folder?

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            I don't have iPhone to try this out but as I know, duplicate detections is not based only on file name, there are other parameters such as date/time of photo etc.

            As a workaroud, I would suggest you to rename your photos in Starter Edition after download. Select your photos in Starter Edition, and go to File --> Rename option to rename your files.

            Next time, your photos won't be treated as Duplicates.

            Let us know if this works for you.

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              Every imagiging device should have a function to reset parameters. There should be a reset photo numbering in the setup menu. Otherwise, renaming in PS ASE is easy enough. Also, you can drag your images into My Pictures. Adobe stores images by default in My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos