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    Photo Album starter 2 or 3 - error

      1. there was a problem opening the catalog named "my catalog" Another user or application may have the catalog open, or one or more files maybe missiing, ou tof date or damaged.
      The ODBC data source returned the following error:
      "Mircrosoft ODBC Driver Manager Data source name not found and no default driver specified:
      Attempt too compact and recover this catalog, then open again? OK
      A problem was encountered during catalog recovery. Your catalog may be OK, but if you experience problems with it that can't be resolved through the recover Catalog option or restarting your computer system, you may need ot restore this catalog from a backup.
      Unable to open catalog named "my Catalog" because the file is damaged.
      Please select an action to perform: Open an existing catalog or Create a new catalog named My Catalog-3.psa"
      None of this works, none of the information given by Adobe seems to work. What is going on, and how do I fix it.