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    DVD slide shows

      I have scanned many old photograps with adobe home SE3.2 I have created albums of my favourate pictures, I now want to create a DVD slideshow from the albums I have created

      I can manage to burn 1 album to DVD but I want to burn multiple slide shows to 1 DVD and have a menu screen at the start.

      Can this be done with photoshop se3.2 or not what product do i need to do this with my se3.2 albums

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          Hi Leonard,

          I would not recommend this product or even the other PSE products for
          burning slideshows onto a DVD. I would suggest you consider something
          like ProShow Gold.

          The strength of this product is cataloguing... The other members of this
          family are good for image editing and producing shows... but not burning.

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            what about photoshop elemens 6

            as i dont really want to recreate the albums again

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              Hi Leonard,

              The problem is the technology used for burning is that first... they
              only back up to DVD's and second even on the CD's the technology results
              in relatively poor quality output on a TV.

              Having said that, there is a 30-day trial that I would encourage to you
              test. This will tell you all you need to know. It might actually meet
              your needs. Certainly it will exceed your expectations in other areas.
              It is a VERY powerful editing tool.

              FWIW, there are a LOT of end-users present in the PSE forums that can
              lend a hand... let's start there... maybe you won't have to use
              additional products.

              I just thought of something... I don't KNOW if this would make things
              more helpful or more comfusing but Adobe sells something call Premiere
              Elements that works with video... this obviously works differently from
              Photoshop Elements. I don't have this package to advise you, but you
              might want to look at that. It might have abilities to burn that the
              other does not have and provide you with additional tools to do video at
              the same time.

              FYI, Amazon just discounted it's price, but I believe it will drop again
              after Thanksgiving. This should be enough time for you to test the trial
              and decide if it is what you need or not.

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                Hi Leonard,
                You can achive what you have hinted with the help of both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. As you said that you have created slideshows from Photoshop Elements, after this you can now transfer these slideshows easily into Premiere Elements and then add scene markers and also maybe set a DVD Template and burn to a DVD. Since both these products are from the same company these are closely interlinked and easy to use together.
                For a test purpose you can download the free trial of Premiere Elements from adobe website.