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    Photoshop Album Starter Edition Upgrade from 3.0 to 3.2

      I have the Starter Edition 3.0 on a computer that runs on Windows 2000. I recently purchased a new computer that is running on Vista. I down loaded the Starter Edition 3.2 to the new computer running on Vista, copied the "my catatlog.psa" file from old computer to the new and my photos/catalogs will not load. Is there a file that I am missing? My ultimate goal is to get all my photos imported into Photoshop Elements 6.0 and I thought this was the most logical step. Please Help!!!
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          Hi Stephanie,

          It looks like you are making some significant upgrades so this might not
          be completely "pain-free". The Windows 2000 is giving me a little bit of
          concern here. Let me do some thinking... ask some questions and then
          make sure that I give you the right set up instructions. A lot has
          changed between the operating systems and versions of PSA/E

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            Hi Stephanie,

            Sorry, I got sidetracked and was unable to "ask" around. Nevertheless I
            did do some poking around

            As you might have guessed, Windows 2000 does NOT meet the minimum system
            requirements for PSA-SE 3.2, otherwise, this could have been a simple
            backup and restore.

            As I re-read your post, I think there is a detail that you might have
            misunderstood about the product. It does not actually "hold" the
            pictures, it merely tracks their location. Somewhat like a phone book
            keeps a record of where people are located. A person can move, and the
            phone company would not know the difference until the person notified
            the company.

            Do you know if your file structure is the same on the old computer as
            the new computer? Let me know if you're not sure of what I mean.

            If it is, what you could do is simply back up your images using a third
            party back up software. Because you are using Windows 2000, you will
            obviously need something that is compatible with that operating system.

            You would then "restore" this backup to the new system. At this point,
            you PSA-SE 3.2 should "see" the images that it was previously missing.

            If this sounds like gibberish, let me know and we can see if there is an
            appropriate back up software that will work for you.