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    error: c0000005 address: 39db7b7d


      I have the following problem: Every time, immediatly after I run Adobe Album SE - it gives me error: c0000005 on address: 39db7b7d, "Photoshop album has encountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience".

      I tryed with versions 3.0 and 3.2, tryed to delete the configuration files, to swith Adobe Reader from version 8 to 7 - and nothing.
      Most probably it is not due to a bad configuration files because it gave me this error even when I first started the program.

      The computer had QuickTime libraries (not the full QuickTime), wich came with K-Lite mega codec pack, which I uninstalled and then installed "true" QuickTime, can't remember exact version but it surely works with Album because both programs were installed from the same software bundle (that came with one Sony-Ericsson cell phone).

      The OS is WinXP SP4 + IE6, enougth ram & disk space are available, cpu is mobile athlon 2400, via chipset with integrated graphics...

      Are there any know dependencies between Album SE and other programs/drivers maybe? I think that it is such kind of issue because on other computer it runs flawless.

      thanx in advance for your attention