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    Photo Downloader Problem!

      Photo Downloader isn't detecting my Kodak EasyShare C613 camera. I have the camera connected to my computer via the USB cable that came with it. Kodak's EasyShare software sees the camera with no problem so why isn't Adobe's Photo Downloader not see it?! Using the "Get Photos from Camera....." option within the Adobe Photoshop Album Starter to launch the Photo Downloader doesn't work either.
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          Hi Rose,

          Can you tell us a little more about your system? It might be an idea to
          reinstall PSA... I don't know for certain that will help, but it might.
          Keep in mind while the downloader detects most cameras, it might not
          detect 100% of them. I would expect Kodak software to see its own
          camera, so this should really surprise you. I would be angry with Kodak
          if it didn't.

          How old/new is the camera?

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            I had this problem trying to get Adobe PS ASE to be the default downlaoder on my moms PC. I uninstalled her Kodak software and reinstalled it using the custom or advanced user function. I believe there was a point where I selected to allow other progranms to download photos and or didn't select Easyshare as the default softwate. I believe the Adobe then recognized the camera. I may have run Ad/REmove and selected Repair. Sorry not crystal clear because I had other issues I created later.
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              Hey Rose,

              As suggested by Steven, can you check the preferences in your Kodak software whether there is some option like "Allow other applications to access the device."