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    Size of files to be imported into SE 3.0

      I have 10 or 12 pictures that are over 2mb each in size. They are school photos that were scanned. When I try to import them, I get a message 'file too large'.

      Please advise.

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          It's not the file size. It is the size of the image in pixels that is too large. It sounds like they were probably scanned at an too high a resolution. Are you able to scan aagin?

          BTW, mots school photographs are copyright, so there is a hint here that you are planning to violate copyright law. If that's the case, please don't tell us.
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            In that case, what is the pixel limitation of the program?

            I have just installed the 3.0 edition in order to open files for use for some mapping files. No luck. Evidently, per your reply above, the folks that scanned them in last year went too high of a resolution.

            And, in the event I can't us PAS 3.0, do you have a recommendation for a program for use with high resolution jpgs?
            I just used MSPaint. Sucked up some serious memory, but I found out that at least the first file I'm attempting to open is 13712 by 10093.
            Yep, big. I think a few others are larger.

            I can see the answer now..."Buy a newer higher speed computer".

            Thanks Much!!
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              2 points:

              First, Org's capacity o handle large images is affected by the PC's memory size. How much do you have? If it's less than 1Gb, maybe more would be a good idea.

              The idea of "too high a resolution" is not particular to PSE. People buy the latest scanners, which boast high resolutions, but are actually being sold something useless. For most purposes, scanning at 600spi is about as high as anyone would need to go. Even at that level, you are imaging the grain of the paper, not improving the picture that you want. There are specialized needs, but they are rare. What rez do you scan at?
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                For these images in particular, I'm not the one that scanned them.
                They were scanned by a higher agency.

                But as for the memory issue, That seems to be the problem.
                I have a company computer with only 512mb memory.
                But we tried the images on another computer (brand new, duel 3.?Ghz processors, 3+Gb memory, used for simulations) and they opened almost immediately.
                Different program, but not a problem at all.

                As such, I guess i just have to wait until my company will get something better for the employees. And that will be...well...when hell freezes over? LOL.

                Thanks Mr. Walls.