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    to burn additional photos to an existing disc

      Poor results burning DVDs- recommedations sought

      David Cavallo - 06:45pm Feb 23, 2006 Pacific

      [Apologies to the forum if this (type of) question has been answered elsewhere at length...I have searched the forum, read my Adobe manuals and the various FAQs but can't the "basic" information I need.]

      To state it simply--I'm having trouble burning decent quality DVDs with the "Export to DVD" function from my Premiere Pro 1.5.

      There are so many options (should I use the Encoder instead? Switch to Encore? Stick with Export to DVD and try other settings? If so, what settings?)that I'm fairly sure this is a case of my own ignorance. But is there a "standard" approach folks take? Or perhaps a primer on how to navigate the boggling array of options that pop up each time I go to make a disc?

      I'm working with some great looking Super 16 footage that was telecined by a top-flight lab in NYC, and the visuals are positively super in the master, right on down to the stuff captured into my machine (I digitized into Pro from DVCAM dubs of a Digi-Beta master.)

      But is it foolish to think I'll get the sort of quality I see on my monitor screen (and elsewhere--I've watched the dubs via a DV deck into an old Sony TV and they looked amazing) on a DVD that I burned from my home computer?

      I've been trying to use the highest quality presets in "Export to DVD" (NTSC 4:3 High Quality 7MB CBR 1 pass, most recently) and the results are just south of atrocious, especially when I've used any sort of effects. (I don't expect my rudimentary attempts at color correction to look great, but even the dissolves are coming out jittery, rasterized and jerky...it almost completely eliminates that great film look. Is this because all transitions and effects need to be rendered before the burn? If so, I have multiple nested sequences--do I need to go into all of the sequences and render them, and then the main timeline?)

      Of course I'm going to do an online edit from the EDL with the Digi-Beta masters, but I have to project rough cuts of the film to know what I'm going to do when it comes time to pay the post-house the big bucks. And right now I feel like my hands are tied.

      I'm using a Dell Dimension 4400
      Windows XP
      Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
      1G RAM
      2 40 Gig Internal Drives
      160 Gig External LaCie Porsche Drive
      Pioneer DVR-105 2X

      The project I'm working on now is roughly 25 minutes long.

      Any and advice and help will be greatly appreciated, as well as links to other posts and sites that go through the basics (and not so basics) of burning good looking discs with Premiere Pro.


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      alan hill - 8:51am Nov 20, 07 PST (#6 of 7)

      I have succesfully burnt a collection onto a CD,with plenty of space left on the disc I have tried to add another collection to the re -writable disc.Each time I try to do this a message asks "if I want to clear the existing files",I click on "no"and another message asks me to insert a clean CD,and then we return to the message asking "to clear the existing files".I have the starter edition 3.2 and surley ther must be a way to add to this disc----HELP!!