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    improving resolution

      I am working on a project and several of the photos are not good enough resolution to use. I have been told that it is possible to improve the resolution of photos using Adobe photoshop. Does anyone know how to do this? thanx.
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          Hi Sarah,

          That is NOT quite true. You can blur certain features to improve how
          they look but depending on how low the resolution is... the improvements
          are minimal.

          The other thing is... this is not really the product I would recommend.
          This is more of a cataloging application. I would recommend something
          like Photoshop Elements. It does a LOT more than what I just told you
          and it might be overkill.

          Here is what I suggest. Download the trial and see if it is what you
          need. If you need help with using it, we have a tips area. If you think
          it is overkill and too expensive for your needs, I'll see if I can come
          up with an alternative.

          Regardless, for a consumer product PSE 6.0 is really the strongest
          solution on the market that I can think of. FYI, it also has a very nice
          cataloguing tool called Organizer.