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    Album Photshop Element 5

      Setting up church album have created Album page
      a. Is there way to go around program of setting how many pictures you want per page, presently the choice is 9 or 16

      b. When I put all the pictures in alphabetical order, then I want to insert a new name/picture between two current listing. Is there a way you can set up automatically insert in the correct order, instead of dragging all pictures you have previously posted.

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          Hey Jesus,

          a. You can create album pages with 1,2,3,5,9,16 or 19 photos, please scroll through the layouts and see the various options available. You can also drag and drop your images outside the dropzones (grey areas meant specifically for placing images).So, it's not necessary that to place n pictures you need a layout with n dropzones, just drag and drop anywhere on the album page.

          b.To add a photo between two album pages right click in the project bin between those two album pages and select "Add Blank Page" and now you can add the image that you want to add without disturbing the sequence of other images.

          Hope you find this helpful.