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    Is it possible to use a Catalog created in PSE 3.0 in PSASE 3.2?

      I use PSE 3.0 and would like to be able to share the Catalog and photos with someone using PSA SE 3.2.

      I have copied the photos from one computer to the other so that they are in the same folder structure. I have also copied the contents of the Catalog Folders and Catalogs folders from the PSE 3.0 computer to the PSA SE 3.2 computer, replacing the files with the same names ("tn4.cache" and "My Catalog.psa") which were created by PSA SE 3.2.

      This is similar to what I have done successfully in the past between PCs running the same version of PSE. The main difference here is that the location of the Catalog folders seems to be fixed under PSA SE 3.2. Under Vista they are located in C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Album\ .

      Unfortunately, when I try to run PSA SE 3.2 it says the Catalog format is incompatible. Is there any way round this?