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    Exporting my Pictures....PLease HELP

      My laptop is having a issue with the battery and it is not charging. Come to find out the board needs to be replaced and I do not plan on spending the money to do that. I have about 1700 pictures in my Adobe Photo and need to export them while I can before me computer crashes. What way is the best way and fastest way to do this. Can I email them? What should I do to get them off my laptop and saved on a CD or anywhere other than my laptop?
      Thank you so much
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          Hi Amy,
          There are two ways to take a backup:-
          1) Goto File Menu and choose the option for catalog backup. As you'll proceed choose the DVD/CD drive and just burn your data. or,
          2) You can select all imaes and got file menu and choose to burn a CD/DVD.

          Use any of above both will take same time.

          Please revert if this helps.