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    failure message

      Just back from vacation. Down loaded all my photos. Said yes to erase from camera, then Adobe photoshop said the grace period was up. But when I register, I get various failed messages. No firewall here. And, no photos. And, this is a bad deal to say the least.
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          Your photos aren't gone just because you can't open Starter Edition.
          Poke around in your My Documents\My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos folder. That is the default place that the Adobe Photo downloader puts them. If you selected a different location than the default, you should be able to find them there.

          Remember, Starter Edition just indexes the photos on your hard drive. It doesn't actually keep them inside itself.

          On the Registration Problem, take a look at http://www.startereditionuser.com/?page_id=25
          Don't know if it will help, but it it might.