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    Unable to start due to ODBC Driver Manager problem

      The following message comes up on first trying to open Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition: "There was a problem opening the catalog named 'My Catalog'. Another user or application may have the catalog open, or one or more files may be missing, out of date, or damaged. The ODBC data source returned the following error: '[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified' Attempt to compact and recover this catalog, then open again?" The options are OK or Cancel.

      Neither option accomplishes anything. I have re-installed it several times in more than one location (in Programs and on an external hard disk) but the same thing happens. Yet, I have installed it successfully on a tablet/laptop which is on the same LAN and it works fine there.

      The desktop system is a PC Pentium III 40 Gig hard drive using Windows XP Home edition with Service Pack II. The laptop, though smaller of course, has the same O/S. Printer is an HP LaserJet 1100.

      Any suggestion(s) would be appreciated