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    Adding color highlights to a B&W photo - Design Advice

      Not sure if ths is the right place to post this...or this forum is just for tech questions. But here goes anyway!

      I need some design advice / inspiration. I have an intermediate knowledge of photoshop...just limited talent! (I can do layers, do masking, and some other stuff)

      I have a 70-yr old B&W photo of my Mom from when she was just 3 or 4. For a 4x6 party invitation I would like to add some subtle Tiffany-blue turquoise highlights to the picture. (maybe make the bow Tiffany blue, part of the dress, a border....this is where I need the inspiration).

      Any techniques or ideas I could use to layer in this subtle blue hint would be much appreciated!


      oh, p.s., if you want to see the actual photo I have it on my web site at http://www.tak5.com/mom.tif