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      Hello all! I'm hoping someone can help me, since Candy (I think that's what she said - couldn't really understand her under the Australian accent!) at Adobe support was not at all helpful ... my canon camera came with a trial of just closes. It will not let me past this screen. I can see my catalog in the back ground but cannot access the pics. I am unable to find where the pics are stored on my hard drive (there's some that I want to get rid of!). I am not able to remove the program either. Please help, if you can, let me know: 1. how to delete the pics from my catalog 2. what to do when I have an unlock code that does nothing -or- 3. how to remove the program all together Thanks bunches!
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          Can you please provide more information as to which sowftware are you using and which version?

          Which screen is blocking the access to the pics?

          Please provide these specific details.

          To delete any pic, just select the pic in the catalog and press the delete button on the keyboard. It will prompt with a messagebox, if you want to delete from the harddisk as well. Press yes, to confirm delete from harddisk.

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            How about deleting several pics at a time, or do you have to delete from the catalog and hard drive ONE at a time?
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              How do I get my pictures from Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 back to my digital camera? I accidentally deleted them from my camera.
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                Hi KCro. I can possibly help you as at your item 3, i.e. "completely uninstalling the Photoshop software from your PC" I had the same experiences with Starter Edition 3.0 and 3.01, as well as a number of other programs that "Add and remove" either would not or could not remove or unistall over a fairly long period of time. From a searchengine I downloaded, installed and used a free software, namely Revo Uninstaller 1.5 (the latest version available to me). It was childsplay to do and worked impeccably each time at the first attempt. To date I have uninstalled a number of stuborn problem programs and the software took it in it's stride. You will experience the same circumstances on screen (Error Mesages etc.) as when "Add and Remove" failed to uninstall. Have confidence, complete the procedure, the program is being uninstalled. The software even cleans up after itself. I hope that this is of assistance to you, Regards - Maurice Nutting.