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    all pics deleted from external hard drive to Photoshop

      I had all my pics in an external hard drive to save memory. They all disappeared off the drive and are now on Photoshop without me putting them there. Can I reverse this? Can I move Photoshop to the external drive? This happened after I copied some pics to a digital picture frame. After I was done, I opened Picasa 2 to see what was in there, then I opened Photoshop and saw all my pics there. Today was the first day I entered the unlock code for it. Does it automatically find and gather all pics?
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          It does automatically find all Pics, but it does not "gather them".
          Probably, something else moved them. (Picasa maybe?)
          To find them, open Starter Edition, right click on an image, and then select Show Properties at the bottom of the list.
          At the bottom of the Properties Window, there is a little folder with some text to the right of it. The text is the location on your files system where starter Edition thinks the picture is. Clicking on the little folder will open that location.

          It is possible that the files might not be there if they have somehow been moved. (Again, Starter Edition wouldn't have moved them).
          There is a tutorial on what's called Missing Files that you can read more about here: http://www.startereditionuser.com/?page_id=6