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    Can't get popup window to work, could use code help.

      This is the first time I've tried to open a popup window in flash, and I can't get it to work. The site I'm building has the navigation buttons contained in an animated movie clip. All of the navigation buttons work fine. But there's a link that the company wants me to add that opens a window to another site who hosts a video commercial for the company (it has to be a link to the other site, it can't be added directly to the customers site).

      The link the other company sent me is for javascript (I'll include it in the attached code), and the code works great if I just insert the javascript in the html. But I wanted to try and get the link in the Flash menu. I've tried several versions of the code, from applying it directly to the button to naming an instance of it and attaching the actionscript in the movie clip. When I'm done, I get two different problems. On my XP machine, I get a warning error about the flash trying to open something to another server. On my Vista machine, nothing happens at all.

      Anyway, I'm including the original javascript and several versions of the actionscript I've tried (with the actual site information replaced with "fakeurl.com", wasn't sure how these forums felt about including site info). Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I've searched and searched for about a week, and I'm tempted to just do away with the Flash button and use a cheesy javascript button for this one link.