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    PASE 3.2

      My old PC crashed. Version PA 2.0 not compatible with Vista on my new PC. Installed PASE 3.2 instead. Had my photos backed up on data-cd's, which have been loaded into new PC. Loaded it all in the new version. No problem, except for the missing tags. However, when looking through my datafiles, I found many copies and originals, which i deleted in order to minimize the catalogue. They are sorted in files year by year.

      I then went into Photoshop and deleted one year from the catalogue. Then I went to "get photos from files" and loaded the remaining photos from the datafile. BUT, - more than half of them didn't load as "they were already in catalogue". No they aren't. How do I get them in?

      When looking at details of the single photo in the datafile, those that load
      says "originating from PA 2.0".

      Best regards Erling