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    Where is Send to?

      I can't seem to send my photo's to another file. Under FILE there is no SEND TO. How do I get my pictures into MY PICTURES or my DOCUMENT folders. Help. Lynn
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          Your pictures are already on your hard drive, most likely in your My Pictures folder.

          Starter Edition doesn't hold your pictures, it simply catalogs what's on your hard drive.

          To Find a picture, open Starter Edition, right click on a picture and select Properties.
          At the bottom of the Properties window, it will show you the windows file path to where your pictures are located. Clicking on the little folder icon next to that info will open the folder in Windows.
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            Oh my goodness.....I checked the properties path numerous times. I really didn't check on the folder icon. The pictures were not in My Pictures. After your instructions, I can't believe how simple that was and it has worked!!! Thank you thank you. You have saved me hours of time. Lynn