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    Saving Tags

      I'm using Album Starter 3.2 and had extensively tagged all of my 4000 odd photos and then my hard drive died. All of my pic's are backed up, no problem there but I've lost all of the tags.
      Before I start the painfully long task of re-tagging them all can anyone tell me if and how you can save the tag info to another drive?
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          Actually when you apply the Tags to your files, Tag information is saved in catalog databse & info is not there in Files. So if you have backed up the catalog then its fine, otherwise You will have to apply the tags again. If you want to get the Tags from last catalog, export them into xml & import to the new location.

          In future if you want to keep the tag info with files use "File>Write Tag and Properties Info to Photo".

          Also use Backup/Restore functionality to keep all your info as it was.

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            Thanks Vijay, but I can't find any of the commands you're talking about.
            "File>Write Tag and Properties Info to Photo"
            doesn't seem to exist in my version of photoshop album starter edition 3.2 ?????
            And there is no import or export functions either. Are you using the same freebie program that I'm on or are you using a commercial version of photoshop album?
            Also, backup / restore functionality, are you referring to the general Windows backup system? That's OK if you want to restore your entire computer but I just want to save my tags and be able to re-apply them to my photos if something happens to my hard drive again.
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              All this happens with Photoshop Elements, a paid sofwtare.

              + Ripple
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                Hi there, would anyone knows how to change the "File save location default in photo album starter edition 3.2.
                I thought I did it under Edit/Preferrences/Files/Browses...then I found the location for my external HD and it looks ok and now shows my location as L:\Photos\to sort out in that window.
                But when I go to "get from camera" the save default has not changed and remains under C:/?
                I tried to do it with "get from the scanner" (not connected) and this broughta window with an option to change the file saving (as I did previously) with the same "browse" operation. But this does not happen when I "get from the camera"!