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    sharing multiple photos by e-mail with starter edition 3.0

      i have photoshop starter edition 3.0 , and do not know how to share/send more than 1 photo at a time via e-mail. when i click on share photos ,i am only able to highlight one photo at a time to send. also ,are there any free upgrades with this product? any help is much appreciated . thank you . wg
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          To eMail more than one photo, simply select all the photos you want to send prior to clicking on Share Photos.
          To select multiple photos, click on the first one (notice the blue highlight around it to indicate it's selected) then hold the Ctrl key down and click on a another photo. Both photos should now have a blue border indicating they are both selected. Keep holding Ctrl down and clicking (selecting) as many photos as you want to send as a group.
          Once they all have the blue border, click on Share.

          the latest version is V 3.2
          You can find it at the Adobe website for free.