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    Starter album Error Int error 2753

      Hi everyone I tried to remove my starter album edition from my computer running XP,
      Using Control panel Add remove programs but I get the above error notice int error 2753 ADB2.exe.
      Does anyone know what this means or where Adobe would list this error
      many thanks nina
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          Hi Nina, I experienced the same Error Message and others myself when trying to uninstall SE 3.0 My thread is elsewhere in this forum. I have solved it for myself and I think that the solution could well work for yourself.From a search engine I downloaded, installed and used a Free software, namely Revo Uninstaller 1.5 (the latest version available to me) It was childsplay to do and, touch wood, so far it has'nt failed me at the first attempt. If you do use it, you will still experience the same Error Message etc, but have confidence, carry on with the procedure because the program is being uninstalled. The software even clears up after the event. I have now used it for a number of programs that "Add and Remove" could not cope with, it succeeded each time at the first go. I hope that this helps you . Regards - Maurice Nutting