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    "Loading Device List" Freeze

      When I connect up my Casio EX-S600 camera to my computer, Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 automatically launches the photo downloader. However, the screen shows the words "Loading Device List" but does nothing and freezes. I have to go into System Manager to kill it.

      My wife has the same camera and it does the same with hers.

      I have re-installed APASE V3.2 and this has not cured it. I have looked through the questions and answers on the forum and have seen folks having a similar problem but no definitive answer to it. I have seen it suggested that it is something to do with "Preferences" but when I try to go into this part of the software, it also freezes.

      I have also gone into the Customer Support part of the web-site and followed the steps suggested there, again with no result.

      I have upgraded the software on the camera to the latest version, again with no result.

      I believe the problem arose at the same time as I upgraded to APASE V3.2

      Any suggestions?
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          Hi Derek,

          I'm not really sure why you would get this. Is it possible that your
          antivirus software sees it as hostile? What happens if you temporarily
          disable it? Have you checked to see what other devices might be also
          loading at the same time?

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            Hi Jim,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I use Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security. Firstly, I disabled every Norton component that I could. The APASE software still freezes. Secondly, just to be sure, I uninstalled Norton completely but still the APASE software freezes. I have now reinstalled Norton and all the required upgrades (which took a few days!) and still the APASE "loading device list" freezes.

            "My Computer" shows the camera and I can transfer photos to "My Photos" from the camera and then use APASE to "get photos from file" but this is an unsatisfactory "get round" really.

            Incidentally, I have just bought a Summit Photofix copier with Photoimpression 6.0 to copy negatives onto my hard drive. When I open the software and try to transfer an image, "Windows XP encounters a problem" and closes the software. I haven't solved this one yet but it may be related. I have also tried to re-load this software, including when Norton was uninstalled, but it hasn't helped the problem.

            Regards - Derek.
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              Hi Jim,

              Just to update you.I have now ditched Norton and ditched Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition,. In their place, I am using Windows Live One Care and Windows Photo Gallery and these are working without any problems. Perhpas the use of one supplier means I am less likely to have software clashes. Also, dare I say it, to my untrained eye, Windows Photo Gallery is richer in functionality and ease of use than APASE. Thanks for your help. Derek.
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                Try removing twainmanager.mox plugin from your Application Directory\moxplugins.

                Retry connecting the camera.

                Hope it solves your problem. :)

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                  Thanks. I gave up in the end and switched to using Windows Photo Gallery and Windows One Care as my anti-virus software.

                  Appreciate your time anyway.