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    Error Message 2753

      After being unable to open Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0, I tried to repair the install file, to no avail - the installer threw an exception "Internal Error 2753 . . . Photo_Album_Starter_Edit"
      After this failed, I tried to update to version 3.2, but when uninstalling 3.0, the same exception was thrown. After looking at the FAQ, I deleted the preferences, but the same exception was thrown when trying to install 3.2 again. Any ideas or expertise would be greatly appreciated, because I don't know where to go from here.
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          Hi Brian,

          Can you give us a little information about your system specs? Did you
          happen to install while your antivirus software was active?

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            I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition (SP2) on a HP Compaq Presario. My processor is an AMD Atholon 3800+ 985 mHz. I'm running 960 MB of RAM with a 180 GB hard drive.

            Starter Edition 3.0 was preinstalled with the computer, so I don't believe it's possible it was installed with antivirus software active. Also, I have been successfully running the program for a long time, and only within the last week has it changed to displaying the error message.
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              Hi Brian,

              You can try either of the following-

              -While installing when the error occurs,launch task manager, go to the processes tab and close all the .exe files that are running.

              -Block the antivirus software and then uninstall.

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                Hi Brian, I experienced the same Error message and others when trying to uninstall SE 3.0 and 3.01, my thread is elsewhere in this forum.I have solved it for myself and I believe the same solution could work for you. From a search engine I downloaded and installed The Revo Uninstaller software. It is free,a very quick download, easy to install and childsplay to use. I have the latest available there, the Revo Uninstaller 1.5. It solved everything at first attempt and hasn't failed to put things right without exception. If you do use it you will still experience the same Error Messages etc as before (this made me a little apprehensive) but have confidence, the program is being uninstalled and the software even clears away the debris afterwards. I hope that this proves to be of help to you, Regards - Maurice Nutting